Co-curricular Activities

Date Day Class Activities / Competitions TOD
12th April Tuesday VIII Collage Making Competition ( Cultural Heritage of India ) LTS , GRS
12th April Tuesday I Dance Competition ( Folk Dance ) All CT's
16th April Saturday IX Poster Making Competition ( Water / Power Conservation ) SUD , SLG
16th April Saturday X English Extempore MMD , JYC
18th April Monday XII Displaying of Display Boards ( Save Earth - Save Life ) All CTs
19th April Tuesday K.G. Picture Arrangement ( Conserving Nature ) All CTs
22nd April Friday II Design Your Planet All CTs
22nd April Friday V Collage Making Competition ( Save our Earth ) KVS , Pariksha
22nd April Friday VI Slogan Writing Competition ( World Earth Day ) NLS , ANC
27th April Wednesday III Origami ( Nature ) SPG , SHA
28th April Thursday Nry Thumb Painting All CTs
29th April Friday VII Power Point Presentation ( Karma - our actions our results ) RKB , SDL
30th April Saturday IV Mental Maths Quiz SVB , SRK
2nd May Monday I Go on Shape Hunt ( with ice - cream Sticks ) All CTs
2nd May Monday III Collage Making Competition ( Cleanliness ) SMM , SKT
4th May Wednesday V Yoga Competition ( Role of Yoga in our Life ) PKS , MRK
5th May Thursday K.G Clay Modelling All CTs
6th May Friday VIII Webpage Designing in HTML NMM , PRM
7th May Saturday VII Maths Aptitude RNU , KNG
7th May Saturday II Poem Recitation Competition ( Mother's Day ) All CTs
Tuesday 10th May , 2022 to Tuesday 24th May , 2022 PT - I
18th May Wednesday Nry Self Introduction Competition All CTs
21st May Saturday IX Story Building Competition BSM , VPS
21st May Saturday X Displaying of Display Boards ( Time Management ) All CTs
23rd May Monday IV Enactment of an Advertisement PYK , MNS
7th July Thursday III Kahani Pratiyogita ANU , SNS
11th July Monday II Mental Maths Quiz All CTs
12th July Tuesday KG Folk Dance Competition All CTs
13th July Wednesday Nry Hindi Kavita Pratiyogita All CTs
14th July Thursday I Story Telling Competition All CTs
14th July Thursday VI Power Point Presentation SDL,RPB
16th July Saturday IX Displaying of Display boards (Health-Treasure of Life) All CTs
16th July Saturday X Quiz on Current Affairs KUV, VDM
18th July Monday VII English Declamation SVK,RCS
19th July Tuesday V हास्य कविता प्रतियोगिता RTP , ANK
20th July Wednesday IV Pot Painting Competition HMD , SNS
21st July Thursday XII Talent Hunt VNS , HMU STV , Geetanjali
Tuesday 26th July , 2022 to Monday 8th August , 2022 PT - II
30th July Saturday VII Kite Making / Mehandi Competition LTS , RCD
10th Aug Wednesday I Best Out of Waste Competition All CTs
10th Aug Wednesday IV Rakhi Making / Thali Decoration Competition ( Rakhi ) Dipti , Deeksha
12th Aug Friday II Ramp Walk on ' Freedom Fighters All CTs
12th Aug Friday V Speech on ' Struggle of Freedom Fighters " MKS , PKS
17th Aug Wednesday III Jhula / Flute Decoration AMK , PYK
17th Aug Wednesday Nry Fancy Dress Competition All CTs
19th Aug Friday XI Displaying of Display Boards ( Our Nation - Our Pride ) All CTs
20th Aug Saturday X भाषण प्रतियोगिता AJR , PNM
24th Aug Wednesday VIII English Extempore NTS , JYK
25th Aug Thursday XI – XII Sur - Sarita DPB , SMK , MUR , MVK
26th Aug Friday IX Science Congress STD , JPM
30th Aug Tuesday VII वाद - विवाद प्रतियोगिता RKD , NSJ
31st Aug Wednesday VI Maths Quiz REK , KVS
2nd Sept Friday III My Vocabulary SVJ , PJM
3rd Sept Saturday KG Cartoon Character Portryal Competition All CTs
3rd Sept Saturday Nry Paper Folding Competition ( Shapes } All CTs
3rd Sept Saturday VIII Displaying of Display Boards ( Teachers - Our Mentors ) All CTs
6th Sept Tuesday II Flower Arrangement / Rock Painting Competition Object Talk Competition All CTs
7th Sept Wednesday I Object Talk Competition All CTs
Monday 12th September to Friday 30th September 2022 Mid Term Exam
4th Oct Tuesday III Mask Making Competition ( Ramayana ) Renu Sharma , Dipti
4th Oct Tuesday IV Crown Making Competition ( Durga / Ganesha ) SMM , Pariksha
11th Oct Tuesday VIII Science Declamation SLG , SMA
12th Oct Wednesday IX Mehandi / Rangoli Competition NDS , LSH
14th OCT Friday VII Displaying of Display Boards ( Festivals - Grandeur Celebration ) All CTs
18th OCT Tuesday XI-XII English Extempore SHK , RHK
19th Oct Wednesday VI Tell a Tale with Puppet MNK,DKB
20th Oct Thursday KG Ramp Walk Competition All CTs
20th Oct Thursday I Gift Packing Competition All CTs
21st Oct Friday X Power Point Presentation ARA NAM
21st Oct Friday Nry Diya and Candle Decoration Competition All CTs
21st Oct Friday II Folk Dance Competition All CTs
21st Oct Friday V Wall Hanging / Chandlier Making Competition SUB , MMT
9th Nov. Wednesday KG Mental Maths Quiz All CTs
11th Nov Friday III Maths Quiz HMD , SPG
14th Nov Monday II Story Telling Competition on ' Any one Favourite Character All CTs
15th Nov Tuesday V समाचार उदघोषक / रिपोटर RTP , ANK
16th Nov Wednesday Nry English Poem Recitation Competition All CTs
16th Nov Wednesday VI Yoga Competition ( Artistic ) KVP , PPS
17th Nov Thursday IV JAM Session MNS, PJM
18th Nov Friday XI – XII General Quiz AST SNB , PKD . GVM . Ajay Hooda
19th Nov Saturday VI Displaying of Display boards ( Know your State / Culture ) All CTs
22nd Nov Tuesday X Inter School Science and Maths Quiz RTM . RTH . ISB . BNA
23rd Nov. Wednesday I Vocabulary Game Competition All CTs
24th Nov Thursday VII Quiz on Current Affairs KTV , MKS
Thursday 1st December to Wednesday 14th December , 2022 PT III
5th Dec Monday Nry Dance Competition All CTs
12th Dec Monday K.G. English Poem Recitation Competition All CTs
13th Dec Tuesday II Newspaper Reading Competition All CTs
14th Dec Wednesday VII Yoga Competition ( Surya Namaskar ) NLS , Manju Mohan
17th Dec Saturday IX बाद - विवाद प्रतियोगिता STC , NLC
17th Dec Saturday V Displaying of Display Boards ( Unity in Diversity ) All CTs
20th Dec Tuesday XI Talent Hunt STV , MVK , MNV , CHY
21st Dec Wednesday IV Hindi Kavita Pratiyogita AMK . MMT
21st Dec Wednesday VI General Quiz DKB , SMN
22nd Dec Thursday I Origami All CTs
22nd Dec Thursday VIII Debate on New Education Policy SLN , GRS
23rd Dec Friday III Free Hand Drawing Competition ( Christmas ) ANU , Deeksha
19th Jan Thursday IV Poster Making Competition ( Road Safety ) SVB , Renu Sharma
20th Jan Friday II My Vocabulary All CTs
21st Jan Saturday VII श्वाचन प्रतियोगिता ANC , KVP
21st Jan Saturday IX Advertisement Making in MS - Word ARA , PRM
21st Jan Saturday IV Displaying of Display Boards ( Be Alert - Be Alive ) All CTs
24th Jan Tuesday III Yoga Competition ( Laying & Standing asanas ) HMS,Pooja
25th Jan Wednesday I Role Play on Freedom Fighters All CTs
25th Jan Wednesday VI Collage Making Competition ( Freedom Fighters ) KTV,PLA
30th Jan Monday Nry Story Telling Competition All CTs
30th Jan Monday V Poster Making Competition in MS – Word RKB , RPB
31st Jan Tuesday K.G Calligraphy ( English ) All CTs
3rd Feb Friday K.G Kavita Pratiyogita All CTs
4th Feb Saturday III Dance Competition SUB , Renu Sharma
4th Feb Saturday V Flower Arrangement Competition SRK , PLA
4th Feb Saturday Nry Spring Season Collage Making Competition All CTs
4th Feb Saturday IV Pot Painting Competition SHA , HMS
4th Feb Saturday I Card Making Competition ( Using Flower ) All CTs
7th Feb Tuesday II Friday Yoga Competition ( Sitting Asanas ) All CTs
10th Feb Friday III Displaying of Display Boards ( Hard Work Determination Leads to Success ) All CTs